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Massive Onyx and Diamond Bracelet in 18k by Gemlok

Massive Onyx and Diamond Bracelet in 18k by Gemlok

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A Massive Onyx And Diamond Bracelet in 18k by Gemlok Step into a world of vintage luxury with our stunning 18K Yellow Gold Diamond/Onyx "Gemlock" bangle bracelet from the 1970s. This remarkable piece boasts a dazzling 6.75 carat total diamond weight (approx.), with 266 round brilliant cut diamonds sparkling like stars in the night sky.

Adding to the bracelet's allure are seven lustrous cabochon-pear shape onyx gemstones, each flawlessly polished to create a mesmerizing contrast against the yellow gold setting. The intricate "Gemlock" design, a true testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the era, ensures a secure and comfortable fit for your wrist.

This bangle exudes elegance and sophistication, perfect for special occasions or as a stunning addition to any jewelry collection. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of timeless beauty with this exquisite vintage treasure.

All Diamonds GH color grade and VVS-VS clarity range, these diamonds are truly exceptional and boast a remarkable brilliance and fire that is sure to catch the eye. You can wear this piece with confidence, knowing that the diamonds are of the highest quality and will continue to shine beautifully for years to come.

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