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Grand Jewels of Wailea

Emerald and Diamond Bangle Bracelet, Circa 1960's

Emerald and Diamond Bangle Bracelet, Circa 1960's

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Emerald and Diamond Bangle Bracelet Circa 1960's containing 37 full-cut diamonds [H-J/VS-SI] weighing approximately 2.15 carats total; and 46 round-cut emeralds weighing approximately 1.70 carats total; 49.4 grams; approximately 6 1/4 inches inner circumference.

A Custom Handmade Item

The Stone of Successful Love

Emerald derives it’s glorious green color from the presence of chromium and vanadium. Emeralds are rarely flawless, therefore stones are often enhanced by oiling them to hide the imperfects. As well, the step cut (or emerald cut) is used to maximize the stone.

Ancient mythology teaches us that the Emerald was associated with the Mercury, who was known to be the messengers of the gods, and of travel. It thus makes perfect sense that the Emerald is commonly referred to as the Travelers Protection Stone.

A lesser known “odd” fact of the Emerald is that when subjected to heat, it will actually sweat or expel water. Ancient writings speak of this extraordinary phenomenon.

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